Psychological Horror: The Scariest Of Them All By: Kenzie Kordic

Psychological Horror: The Scariest Of Them All

By: Kenzie Kordic

There are so many different subgenres within the horror genre as a whole. I can think of upwards of twenty. There’s sci-fi horror to romance horror and everything in between that contributes to my personal favorite type of media. Psychological horror is a horror that I feel as though is rarely tapped compared to others such as paranormal, slasher, and much more. Psychological horror is hands down the scariest of them all.

You may ask me why I think that and it is purely simple: in other genres of horror, you would have a chance, even if it is slim, to defeat the big bad. Whether it is ghosts, zombies, or haunted houses, you still have your wits about you. When it comes to psychological horror, it is hard to discern from what reality is and what fantasy is. You could think that you are in a haunted house, fighting of skeletons from a Native American burial site, but in reality you are in a psychiatric ward just lost in your own mind. Or you could be trying to fight for your life against a serial killer, when you are the serial killer.

Psychological horror is one of the very few horror genres that really get under your skin and make you question everything. Some of the greatest psychological horror masterpieces have been the movies The Shining and American Psycho. Yes, I know that those are cliché amazing movies, but they really are. There are several not as popular psychological horror movies as well that really set the standard of making people fear their own mind. That is why I love it and hate it. I love it because most of the concepts are unique, as the mind can truly be an evil place, and I hate it because I can’t help but think what I would do in that situation and it scares me to the core. There’s nothing darker than the human mind, even further, when it is your mind that is dark and you can’t control it.

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