Press Release : Down and Out Art by Brian Mosher

Brian Mosher, native to Colorado painting for about 15 yrs and started working more in mixed media and jewelry in the last 5 years. His store has been updated recently to have more of his mixed media, jewelry and handmade candles from soy available. Stop by his Esty shop and see more….

                                    Steam Punk pendant

Top bath salts bottom soy candle

Oh yeah, necklaces….

So each fantasy bottle is resin based and contains but not limited too, real gemstones, beads, misc pieces and parts collected over time, micro pearl beads, glitter, and the occasional coloring.


Some of his more creepy pendants are eyes eek! To see Through Dolls Eyes and convince someone that Sofia had nothing to do with these dolls….. How creepy are these?!


Brian’s artwork is less creepy, but just as fun….

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