Guest Blog : Horror: A Love Story By: Kenzie Kordic

Horror: A Love Story

By: Kenzie Kordic

Horror has always, for as long as I can remember, been a huge part of my life. Everything from watching it, reading it, and even writing it, nothing has been off limits for me. I love everything about horror from the music, the visuals, and the way it just gets under your skin. It is rare when you can find that magic in any other genre. I will let you in on the history how horror became a huge part of my life and how it impacts me today.

It all started at the age of one. Yes, one years old. What most people would call bad parenting, I call amazing. When I was just a little girl, my dad would watch Tales from the Crypt and plop me down on the pillow to watch it with him. The opening scene has to be one of the most terrifying minute long horror segments that I watched as a child. From there, as I got older, I started watching whatever horror movies would come on television. At that point in time Child’s Play was still really popular and I was deathly afraid but yet in love with that movie. Fast forward a few years and I am a middle school student. I had walked into class and saw another girl making a list of people in the class and how they would die. When I talked to her about it, it turns out that she got the idea from the movie Final Destination and from then on, we were soul mates. I finally found the one person who understood my love for horror in a small town, and I was no longer the weird kid.

In high school, I started writing short stories, and wrote numerous terrible novels. I decided to join a creative writing class in high school and actually won an award for my writing. It was only high school level, but that I was the first time in my life that I felt my writing was worth something. I have always loved writing and have only recently been trying to make something from it. The hardest thing for me was actually making something scary. Now that I’m older, I can take everything that scares me in my mind, and put it on paper. I have a short story coming out the end of the year in an anthology series entitled Depraved Desires. I have been working on my novel for some time now and am nearing completion, and I continue to submit short stories on almost a near daily basis. Even if I never become traditionally published, a household name, or anything else that comes with being an author, I will still be happy because I am throwing myself into the thing that I love most: horror.

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