#NGHW News Episode #141

Hello Addicts!

This episode on the next great horror writer we got to see a sweeter side of our fearsome thirteen. If you can call demon conjuring, zombie love, and flesh-devouring barnacles “sweet.” A 650-700 word, Epic Romantic Horror Poem was the challenge this episode and didn’t the contestants pull out the good stuff! Despite them not liking it very much.

This week the mini prize was publication in Siren’s Call magazine plus ten bucks from Horroraddicts.net!

Nautical seemed to be hugely popular among the contestants. And I loved the different “Romance” scenarios and they were not all completely serious. The only issue that I have is that we didn’t get to hear the whole poems! They were so good!

First cab off the rank was Under the Water by Sumiko Saulson. It was beautiful and dark, ocean and Leviathan imagery ringing through.

Next was Siren’s Song by Riley Pierce. Haunting and a little sad. One of sacrifice and of possible unrequited love.

Flesh Passion by Feind Gottes was a gorgeously dark tale that makes me long for more. Sticking to Feind’s style, it seems a little thicker on the horror than the other poems. And hearing the judges talk about the rest of it, I definitely want to hear the rest.

Our fourth poem was A Warning on Wings by Jonathan Fortin. JF wove a story of longing in such a poetic way that just left me wanting more, yet again.

The imagery in number five is so beautiful. The Only Thing That Remains by Jess Landry is so sweet, I can only imagine how the rest of the poem goes…

A Vampire and a Zombie by AE Kirk went in, what to me was, totally the other way. Lovely and apocalyptic and comical, if you like decaying flesh jokes (which we have already established that I do like the sick sense of humour) and with back story that I simply must find out…

Maybe I can use my journalistic advantage for evil and request the full poems? (insert maniacal journo laughter here)

If you haven’t noticed (but you probably have), we are down to thirteen contestants. We have lost two of our fearsome – Patrick and Quinten – which is sad. The comp is tough. The challenges, although from the outside may seem easy, are grueling, pushing the contestants to the limits of their creative minds and souls.

This week, I asked the fearsome to give some feedback on how they are going. We are almost halfway and things are really moving. We have some clear leaders at the moment but it is in no ways “in the bag.” The going has been tough, but it is not over yet.

This is what some of them had to say…

“So, the poetry challenge. I didn’t hate it, jajaja, and it was a good opportunity to create something I wouldn’t have created otherwise… About the challenge in general… the important thing, to me, is to keep writing. The contestants have made an incredible effort, an incredible job, and have created amazing art, which is the most important. I hope they keep up the great work.”

“I was one of the few who enjoyed the poetry challenge and, though I didn’t make it into the top six, I had a great time. Sometimes, your submission doesn’t meet the needs of the judges or potential editors. It doesn’t necessarily mean your piece sucks. As writers, we tend to link our personal feelings to our art. We act as though any criticism of what we’ve created is a critique of ourselves, our own personalities. This isn’t the case. Many times, editors have no idea who we are.
Sometimes, rejection can be awesome. I submitted a piece to the Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy earlier this year and received a personal rejection from the editor. He told me what he liked and didn’t like about the story and then, he invited me to submit another story in the future! Best rejection ever! I’ll crack that market yet!
With regards to the contest, I must say I love the challenges. Not only are they fun, they’re also functional. I’m building a terrific portfolio here. It’s something I wouldn’t have done otherwise. And, I say, the more difficult the better. I love testing my brain. This whole thing is a blast. I wish it would never end.”

“I can only speak for myself but the poetry challenge was the toughest so far for sure. I used to write little poems all the time just for fun but trying to write a poem that long (650-700 words) on a subject, horror romance, that I would never touch with a ten-foot pole was no easy task… I feel this contest has already helped improve my writing overall by forcing me to push my limits. No matter how I end up in this contest be it first place or dead last I will continue writing and searching for outlets for my work. During the course of this contest, I have had two stories accepted for publication and several more in the pipeline with more I’m writing every day. The only real problem I see is that because of how much we are being pushed out of our comfort zones that some who perhaps aren’t doing so well will be discouraged from continuing. Writing is a subjective medium, what one person or judge loves another will hate… Everyone has their own taste in art so no matter what happens in this contest it’s important for me and the other contestants to keep in mind that while we must always strive to improve it is equally important to find like-minded outlets for whatever style it is we do best. I’ve been lucky enough to find some and I hope every one of my talented competitors do also.”

“I really enjoyed the challenge. It was tricky because I had to abandon the stanza structure I was using in order to make it fit the word count, but it worked out in the end.”

Well, Sumiko, Feind and Jonathan got into the finals this week but it worked out really well for Jonathan in the end, because he is the winner of this week’s challenge! Congrats, #teamjonathan. “Trigger the becoming of the darkest greatest you.” This win puts Jonathan in the lead overall.

This brings us to our sixth challenge. It will be a 3000-5000 word story with music or musical instruments involved and in the horror genre. This will be judged on musical theme, creativeness and writing quality. It will be the longest challenge for the season. The winner will be published in the Horroraddicts.net submission call, Crescendo of Darkness, released in 2018. We are only publishing the winner.

So that brings us up to date and ready for the next episode. Stay tuned addicts! Don’t forget to come and connect with us at the Facebook group and let us know who you are cheering for!

Stay spooky!

Hugs xxx

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