The Last Days of Jesus : The Last Circus Album Review


The Last Circus sounds like circus music meets doom. That’s a good thing! The intro song sets the scene where your musical mind will be taken through a journey of upbeat, funky lyrics and nice brass instruments.

Overall, I felt like this album could be relistened a few more times. I love the beats, the lyrics are clear that it might sound like a happy song full of rainbows, you need to run. The Last Circus starts in a circus as it should considering the name. You venture outside on the streets to Hop Hop away to learn emotions and revenge. Ending in a nice piano based duet ending up right back in the circus you started.

This album has great vocals, pretty good goth influence. The beats and melody remind me of some 80s happy to be sad lyrics blending with melodies that climb their way to the next Big Top.  The brass instruments are an excellent addition. This album is a fun compilation of styles that you wouldn’t think to merge, but done in a flawless manner.


I have not heard of The Last Days of Jesus before they requested an album review, but I would definitely recommend at least one listen through of the album. Especially if you appreciate bass, driving rhythm, and lyrics that make you feel like you are in the circus… the circus of life, emotions and of course Jokers…. Just watch out for the aliens


I would give this album a solid 4 out of 5 … I am not afraid of clowns or jokers… but aliens on the other hand….


What do you think of The Last Circus, Addicts?

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