Press Release: Entertaining Demons by Daniel I. Russell

Press Release: Entertaining Demons by Daniel I. Russell

You’re sitting by the fire pit, the marshmallows are long gone. The yard is full of fireflies, the dog is sleeping at your feet.  As you turn the pages of the horror novel you’re reading, every sound makes you jump. Your heart starts to beat faster, and you realize this is what makes summer so wonderful.
This August,  Apex Book Company is thrilled to release Daniel I. Russell’s ENTERTAINING DEMONS into the wild.  This novel is not for the faint of heart, and you’ll be turning the pages as fast as you can! Please do be aware that ENTERTAINING DEMONS contains graphic violence and adult situations.  

ENTERTAINING DEMONS by Daniel I. Russell is at times vicious and at others all too real examination of the realities of being a teenage girl.

Starring in the reality TV show PI: Paranormal Investigations should be a dream come true, but for Molly it’s a nightmare. Between constant filming, unexplained occurrences waking her at all hours, and the scrutiny of her friends and neighbors, she is frustrated and exhausted. Unfortunately, the contract her grandpa signed says she can’t quit and she does need the money. Besides, the show’s host, Samuel, is the only one who wants to help stop the hauntings. Molly decides to ride out the experience, thinking that footsteps and rattling doorknobs in the middle of the night aren’t so bad.

Molly’s wrong.

Demons are making their way to Molly’s quiet English town, intent on shutting down the show. As the darkness converges, Molly is caught in a struggle among demons while desperately fighting to keep her family safe.

Will she survive the night? Find out in ENTERTAINING DEMONS


What fans are saying:
“Daniel I. Russell’s work has proven before to be terrifying, suspenseful, fast-paced, and gruesome: Entertaining Demons does it all again, and ratchets it up tenfold. Not for the weak of stomach or of mind, this is the sort of novel one will look back on decades from now and still remember for its grit, dark daring, and one hell of an ending.”
—Eric J. Guignard, author and editor, including After Death… and Baggage of Eternal Night

“In Daniel I. Russell’s diabolically dark satire Entertaining Demons, the damnation of teenager Molly is big business and the very biggest and baddest of the big brothers is watching. Make a Faustian deal with this book — you won’t regret it!”
—Greg Chapman, Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of Hollow House

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