Press Release: JK Franks Kingdoms of Sorrow Audiobook



The audiobook for Kingdoms of Sorrow has just been released on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. Voice actor Steven Varnum is the voice of the Catalyst series and does a phenomenal job in this production. Check it out, I think you will agree. Please leave a review for us on Audible as well.
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Very proud of this guy.

Our audiobook was once again performed by voice actor Steven Varnum. Steve did a fabulous job bringing these characters to life. Even if you have read the book, I would urge you to check out the audio version. If you have need for a great voice talent please check out Steve’s web site.

How good can a free book be?

Last month I offered a unique opportunity to my subscribers to download any of over 70 books for other authors for free. Many of you took advantage of this and let me know how much you enjoyed it. Some questioned why an author would do this and….how good could the book actually be?

The simple answer… is not so simple. The publishing world is undergoing some tremendous changes right now. Traditional book stores are losing ground to online book sellers. More and more authors are self-publishing instead of going to a major publishing house. Most people don’t realize that authors today have to literally create and audience one reader at a time. The Amazon business model is great in many ways but also very challenging, it does disconnect us from our audience. Offering an eBbook that you have worked months, even years on for a crazy low price or even free is one of the few ways we have of generating lots of sales/downloads in a short time. This improves rankings which, in turn create more visibility and equal more sales.  As an author, it can be difficult seeing your creation being offered so cheaply (or even free) but if you gain a new reader, it is a win for your future work. So, if you see me and others promoting free books from time to time — take a look. For the price of simply subscribing to a newsletter you may find a great new book or a new favorite author.

What are you reading?

I have friends and family members who love to share with me books or authors they are reading and I do the same. Many of you may know by now that if I am not writing, I’m reading. Actually… I always read, even when I am writing. Right now, I am in the middle of ‘Pandemic’ by A.G. Riddle.
This is one I would recommend to you. Perhaps you have read it as well if so, let me know what you think of it. I have no affiliation with this author or his books just like to support good work. In the last few weeks I have also read ‘Armada’ by Ernest Cline, (Great!) ‘Earthcore’ by Scott Sigler, Brad Thor’s new novel, ‘Use of Force’ and an audio book series by Craig Alanson  I’d love to hear from you as well, who are you reading now and what’s your opinion of it?   If you don’t want to email me just respond on my Facebook or Twitter page.
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