Press Release: Night of the Penguins by Dani Brown

Press Release: Night of the Penguins

Overthrowing cults with the aid of a new God


A secret cult operates at the zoo Carla works at. They pay doesn’t keep food in her cupboards.  All her clothes are second hand. There isn’t enough money to cope with management, preferred employees, and customers.

Starving before her wages land in her pay packet, Carla walks up the hill to steal some food from the zoo.  She isn’t alone. Induction night for the cult happens at the same place. They need sacrifices to the old Gods to maintain power.

Carla knew management were too stupid to keep power on their own. She didn’t realize the help was supernatural. She hides, looking for morsels to ear. Management know someone is there.

Left with no choice, and nothing to eat, Carla must overthrow the cult. It isn’t a simple case of one bad employer, but many. For underpaid, under-appreciated employees everywhere, Carla stands up aided by a new God.

Dani Brown is the author of “My Lovely Wife” and “Middle Age Rae of F***ing Sunshine” (both out now from Morbidbooks). When she isn’t writing she enjoys knitting and thinking of the finer points of invading Finland with an army of chavs mounted on dingoes. She has an unhealthy obsession with Mayhem’s drummer and doesn’t trust anyone who claims Velvet Underground as their favourite band.

Dani Brown can be reached at the following:


Twitter: @crazycatlady4

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