#NGHW 9 Short Stories

These are summaries of the top 9 short stories.

  1.  Echoes in the Oasis – Sumiko SaulsonIn a post-apocalyptic world where transmogrified beings, merged together by a eugenics program are the norm, a young girl is destined to save the world from demon-infested patients.Hero: is Imani, an African-American girl.

    The sturgoid (sturgeon with mutated wings) and Echoes are the monster

  2. NightmarescapesIn a town…where nightmares are solid, a mother is trying to find a way out for the good of her young daughter. She has to fight ghost-like creatures that can control her nightmares and a Spider monsters from her own imagination.

    Hero: An African-American mother.

    Monster: Spider Nazi with her ex-husband’s head.

    #3 Lost Cause

    An abused runaway girl falls into a cruel relationship with a drug addict until her repentant mother summons a protective guardian.

    Hero: Mother or daughter.

    Monster: Rapist or Lion Monster

    #4. Other One for the Mural

    A homeless, mute girl checks into a shelter and then we discover she has an entity attached to her that likes killing people for art.

    Hero: Mute girl.

    Monster: Smiler. An entity that is either killing people or causing the girl to kill, or is it a multiple personality?

    #5. The Guardian

    A man and wife are having an argument in their car at night when they swerve and crash. The woman tries to get help for her injured husband as a monster stalks them.

    Hero: Native American woman

    Monster: The Laughing Man, a legendary creature who stalks you while you sleep.

    #6. Nestling

    In a post-storm disaster town, a police woman is searching for survivors when she discovers a little girl in an abandoned house. Following her, she falls into an underground hole and is faced with a scary tree-creature.

    Hero: Native American Police woman.

    Monster: Tree creature.

    #7. Whiskey Noir

    A local PI is pulled into a frightening situation with a local bar owner who is being threatened by something they can’t define.

    Hero: African-American Bar owner.

    Monster: Some sort of shadow monster, or the bar itself?

    #8. Mum Goes back to Pakistan

    A young girl visits her mother in the hospital who claims a spirit is coming to get her. The girl thinks it’s all in her mother’s head until she witnesses his presence herself.

    Hero: Young East Indian girl

    Monster: Nahim, a creepy monster/spirit.

    #9 The End Steps Forth

    In a world taken over by large-mouthed aliens who want to eat the natives, a family tries to survive.

    Hero: Alien mother and wife.

    Monster: Drumpf – creepy large-mouthed aliens


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