Kidnapped Week! Horror Movie Conspiracy Theories: Jacob’s Ladder


Jacob’s Ladder is, hands down, a horror movie classic. The movie is about a man, Jacob, who has returned from the Vietnam war who is struggling with his grip on reality due to what he experienced while he was a soldier. He continues to fight off creepy hallucinations and flashbacks, all the while trying to maintain relationships. This is a great horror movie for people who love psychological horror. As always, with horror movie conspiracy theories, SPOILER ALERT.


Jacob is actually dead. He died in conflict during the Vietnam War and he’s in a continuous state of purgatory.

Why is this such a believed theory? Well, after all of the creepy hallucinations, towards the end of the movie, he see’s his dead son standing in a bright light. To me, that bright light symbolizes Heaven, or whatever you believe to be in the afterlife. The movie ends on a happy note, with Jacob seeing his son again, and his military friends saying how happy he looks. The meat of the theory as to why he was stuck in purgatory, limbo, or whatever you want to call it, is because he just didn’t want to cross over to the other side yet due to his girlfriend. He was stuck, wandering Earth, literally experiencing hell on Earth, and it isn’t until he see’s his deceased son that he feels comfortable crossing over.

What is your opinion? Do you believe the theory or not? Please let me know your thoughts!

Until next time, stay spooky!




 Kenzie is a young author who strives to create truly scary stories. Kenzie has been obsessed with the horror genre for as long as she’s been able to read. She has written numerous short stories as well as working on a novel.  She can be found watching horror movies with her pup. To find out more, go to, or


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