Cure for the Holidaze Guest, Courtney Mroch

In our Cure for the Holidaze episode #150, Emz chats with Courtney Mroch from Haunt Jaunts. Listen below and check out her site, Haunt Jaunts.

C. Le Mroch is the horror nom de plume for Independent Author Courtney Lynn Mroch.

Don’t let the sweet face fool you. It masks a dark mind that delights in the twisted. It always has.

When she was little, C.’s family figured her love for all things creepy and macabre (books, movies, places, etc.) would fade as she grew up, but nope. It’s only grown stronger.

Much to her husband’s chagrin. C. often recruits him to accompany her on what he’s dubbed as “Haunt Jaunts” (and is thus the name of the travel site C. runs as Courtney Mroch.)

Like many horror authors, C.s’ all-time idle is Stephen King. Except where his books are more character driven, hers are plot based. Still, she owes a lot of what she learned about storytelling to the Master of Horror and aims to scare as chillingly as he does.

The two scariest things C.’s ever lived through are:

  1. Halloween Horror Nights. (Her husband convinced her to arrive early, before the crowds. They were practically the only people in the park, allowing the actors to terrorize them at will. Which they did brilliantly and relentlessly.)
  2. Cancer. In 2009, C. battled Stage 2 Non Hodgkin Lymphoma.

C. lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband Wayne Pryor and their fur daughter Lady Tabitha Tabernathy Tabberkins Pryor (or Tabby for short). When she’s not writing, traveling or spending time with her family, it’s a safe bet you’ll find her either watching a horror movie or on a tennis court somewhere.

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