Press Release: DreamReaper

Goosebumps Press Release placing second in a remix competition for Powercyan’s “Disciples of the Night,” synthwave artist DreamReaper decided the best use of the prize money was not new equipment or software, but rather to purchase an enormous collection of original 1996 Goosebumps trading cards.After tracking down a seller, failing to negotiate a good price, and impatiently waiting for shipping, DreamReaper is now in possession of nearly 1000 cards bearing the classic images of haunted masks, sentient dummies, possessed cameras, and even one of a dad hooked on plant fertilizer.

As the artist put it, “In today’s uncertain economy, there is no safer investment than limited edition children’s collectibles manufactured in the mid-1990s.” In addition to hoarding the cards, the Phoenix, AZ based musician has begun to include them in merchandise orders and gives them away to fans at shows. Locally, he has become known as “that fucking Goosebumps guy,” a badge he wears proudly.

Today DreamReaper surprised fans with a special new Halloween release: a remix of the iconic TV show’s opening theme.

Available as a free download, “Goosebumps Theme” is a modern electro reimagining of the original that reinvigorates the soundtrack for today’s dance floor. The artist utilizes his signature retro-influenced synthwave sound to flip this ’90s TV favorite into a club-ready electro banger.

Featuring huge distorted French electro bass, creepy piano arpeggios, gritty slap bass, and enough sound effects to open your own haunted house, fans of Justice, The Glitch Mob, and all things spooky are sure to enjoy DreamReaper’s fresh take on this classic throwback.

DreamReaper’s “Goosebumps Theme” is the Halloween banger you never knew you needed.

DreamReaper doesn’t know when enough is enough, and is currently on the lookout to grow his card collection. He encourages any readers with large caches of Goosebumps cards to contact him.

Please direct all inquiries/harassment regarding this matter to


Download Full-Res

About DreamReaper:

DreamReaper is a Phoenix, AZ based electronic musician who specializes in heavy electro inspired by ’80s horror movie synth scores. Think the Stranger Things soundtrack on steroids. He has independently released two EPs, the latest being 2017’s Astro Blaster. As a reviewer on Bandcamp put it, the EP is ”a record that you won’t be able to listen to sitting down… irresistible and unstoppable.”

While the origins of the DreamReaper sound lie within the rapidly growing synthwave/retrowave movement, specifically the “darksynth” style popularized by artists such as Perturbator and Carpenter Brut, DreamReaper enjoys taking the genre in a more modern direction and is not afraid to draw inspiration from contemporary electronic styles including French electro, glitch-hop and drum and bass, as is apparent on the 2017 Astro Blaster EP and recent singles.

DreamReaper states it’s his goal to try make his music be as heavy as possible while simultaneously as groovy as possible, an approach he has been pushing even further on material for his upcoming debut full-length, due for an early 2018 release. The careful balance between these two elements is constantly at play in his work; a track is just as likely to have an epic electro drop as it is to have a funky slap bass breakdown. His recent Goosebumps remix is a perfect example of this dynamic, and only a small sample of whats to come from this promising new artist.

DreamReaper is guaranteed to sandblast your face off with his unrelenting assault of overpowering synths.” -Raccoon via Bandcamp
…one of the most exciting new names to watch out for.” -Synthallica


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