Horror Movie Conspiracy Theories: Dr. Sam Loomis Was Also in Psycho

Halloween is one of the most iconic horror movies of all time.  Obviously, it plays a lot during Halloween season, as well as almost quarterly for didie-hardorror fans.  This weeks horror conspiracy revolves around not only the Halloween franchise, but the Psycho franchise as well.  Was Dr. Loomis in Psycho before he assisted Michael Myers?

It all starts in Psycho.  Loomis is Marion’s boyfriend, who later catches Norman Bates.  Fast foreward a few years and Loomis is now Dr. Loomis treating Michael Myers.  Why do they have the same character name if it isn’t intended to be the same character?  Or, was the director paying tribute to Alfred Hitchcock?

I believe it has to be the same character.  If it was a tribute to Alfred Hitchcock, then why make a main character have the same name? That’s a pretty big nod if that’s the case.  I believe that after Norman Bates was arrested, Loomis made it his life dedication to help murderers and that’s why he was Michael Myer’s doctor.

Do you agree?  Please let me know in the comments below!  Until next time, keep that tin foil hat on.


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