Book Review: The Ultimate Guide to Strange Cinema by Michael Vaughn

Hello Addicts,

For this month’s book review, I thought I’d take a break from fiction and embrace my inner cinephile and review a book about different movies. Of course, for our group, they can’t just be ordinary movies.

We all love them. There’s that one movie people think is so bad that it’s good. The Ultimate Guide to Strange Cinema by Michael Vaughn is chock full of movies that fit that bill. While we tend to favor more of the horror genre, there is that and more. He provides a wide bevy of options in drama, horror, science fiction, action/adventure, comedy, and fantasy. They cover movies involving cannibalism, zombie sushi, killer cars, transvestite bikers, shallow graves, blow up dolls, killer insects, mutants, aliens, and killer tires (yes, there is a movie about a killer tire). Notable names are attached to these films, either as directing, acting, and sometimes both. There are entries from noted directors Peter Jackson, David Cronenberg, David Lynch, Danny Boyle, and John Waters. Even actors like Ewen McGregor, James Brolin, Willem Dafoe, Jude Law, and Ryan Reynolds find places in some of these flicks.

It was fun to read and find out about some of the stories behind the movies I already knew about, but this book has given me a lot more to watch that I may not have thought about before. It is a good resource to find earlier works from stars, writers, and directors you are already fans of, and see where they started. The book also doesn’t just cover movies made here in North America. The author included movies he’s watched spanning the world. These are all tested flicks, and he gives you his take on each one. There are also content warnings for those movies that deal with subject matter or special effects that may not sit well with certain audiences.

Overall, I found the book to be very informative and definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a less than serious movie or who just wants a fun movie to watch. It may just help you find that diamond in the rough film. Big kudos to Michael Vaughn for providing such a helpful reference guide.

Until next time, Addicts…

D.J. Pitsiladis


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