Book Review: Mudcat by John Quick

Mudcat by John Quick

Review by Ariel DaWintre

Mudcat by John Quick is pretty fast paced, has lots of action, and it’s a pretty quick read. I liked the good guys and bad guys. It really kept my attention.

The book starts off introducing you to the main protagonist. I don’t know if you can say there is a bad guy in this story, but a lot of bad things happen. I didn’t know what a Mudcat was before, but I am definitely freaked out now. A Mudcat is a catfish with long barbs on the side of its face and they wiggle in the mud. Also, they can apparently stand on their tails. Now, imagine a Mudcat merging with a human. People think sharks are scary but this Mudcat puts them to shame.

The story focuses on a small town where most of the homes are next to the lake and they are having a bad storm that is causing the lake to overflow. As if rushing water overflowing isn’t scary enough, what lurks in the dark water is even worse. I like all the characters and their interaction and like small towns they all know each other.

The main character of the story the Rob Pinkston is the acting Chief of Police while the main boss is on holiday.

He happens to take over during the worst possible time when a huge storm is coming. No better way to learn than the hard way, right? I like this character and it’s interesting watching him as he is having the worst day ever on what is supposed to be the best day ever.

I enjoyed the story. There are a lot of characters in the story, but the writer brings them all to life and you can imagine them all. I thought Mudcat was going to have the typical happy ending, but the writer put in an extra twist.


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