Book Review: Embracing the Darkness

Review by Ariel DaWintre

Embracing the Darkness by Jeremy Mac is the story of two couples who go to a cabin in the woods. The main character, an artist named Laura, over hears a great place to go and talks her friends into going for a fun week before heading home for the end of school term. I think it should be just a given–never go to a cabin in the woods unless you have notified everyone you know and they have the ability to monitor your every move.

The interaction of the characters and their bantering was entertaining. This is a book that may not be for everyone. There are a few graphic parts that some might find offensive. I didn’t really care for the sex scenes because, from a woman’s point of view, the terms and situations were evidently written by a male and seemed lacking and a little awkward. I think the book would have been stronger without those parts, or perhaps just beta-read by women who could point these errors out.

I loved the cover and the image is explained in the book. I liked the story once it got to the actual scary part, but then kind of felt cheated that there wasn’t enough horror in it. I would have loved the writer to expand this part and give more description.  The scene at the lake of the first killing was pretty cool and had me intrigued what the bad guy was going to do next and wondering who he was. Once I found out who the bad guy was (I won’t give away spoilers on who), but I really wanted to know more about him. He puts the main character through hell and she turns out to be a strong female character, which is great. The writer does give the book a twist at the end that was intriguing. Worth reading if you want to find out if Laura does, “Embrace the Darkness.”

Ariel DaWintre is a writer and voice actor. She has performed in several audio works including “JoJo” in’s production of GothAmazing Race, “Ember” the novel Dusk’s Warriors, and “Claudette” in the novel Artistic License. She’s currently working on a fish out of water tale about an American living in Hong Kong. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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