Book Review: Franken Fran by Katsuhisa Kigitsu

Looking for an odd manga filled with experimental medical procedures performed by a psychotic creature not fully human? Look no further. Franken Fran Omnibus 1 & 2 by Katsuhisa Kigitsu is for you.

Fran is a creature created by Dr. Madorsky, a gentleman widely talked about in the book but not really seen. While he’s away, Fran will play. Believing she can fix any human with crazy operations, she terrorizes…I mean…helps a series of confused, desperate, and sometimes demented patients with varying degrees of success.

For example, one of her first experiments is about a young girl who is running from a stalker and is hit by a bus. She’s obviously dead. Her legs are missing and body crushed, but Fran just knows she can fix her. Fran’s remedy is to turn the girl’s lower half into a caterpillar. After a month, she turns into a chrysalis and later bursts forth as a beautiful womanly specimen.

Having cared for the girl the whole time, reading and playing with her while she’s a caterpillar, her stalker takes her home. They seem to be in love and do what all lovers do. That’s when her fault is revealed as she devours him.

Fran continues to dissect, mutilate, stitch together, and experiment on people throughout the book with varying degrees of success. She also has some strange companions such as a man in a double O7 suit but with a dog’s head or the dog with a man’s head. Not to mention the creepy unknown creatures dressed in hazmat suits.

An interesting turn of events occurs near the end of this book when Fran’s sibling, Veronica, is introduced. Where friends purpose is to bring and preserve life, no matter how bad she is at it, Veronica’s purpose is to bring death. Veronica promises to be an interesting addition to this manga series.

This book is only volume 1 and 2 but the series has a total of 8 volumes. This manga is rated older teen 16+ and should be monitored for the parents out there. There’s no real sex involved, but there is frequent female nudity, gory violence, and surgery horror. There are whispers of The Human Centipede and Boxing Helena in this, but always with a comedic twist, which can sometimes be even more disturbing. However, I would not take the covers as what is inside. Most of the covers show a naked Fran or Fran frolicking with other females in half-naked states. The inside is more about mutilation and botched surgery nightmares.

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