Lost Episodes, 6-9 FOUND!

You addicts have been emailing me ever since the Mevio massacre of our episodes to bring back the first season. Well, I finally found episodes 1-13, and so we will be uploading as many of these as we can during our hiatus. Hear how HorrorAddicts.net started way back in 2008, but don’t be too harsh. We were so young in podcasting, it makes us cringe to hear our newbie foibles. If you are still enthused to listen, here are episodes 6-9. More to come in February.

Season 1

#009  Michele Roger, Taste of the Dead / Dawn Of The Dead, 1978


#008 Arlene Radasky, Forever / Night Of The Comet, 1984


#007 Zoe Whitten, Dating In The Post Zombie World / Chopper Chicks In Zombietown, 1991


#006 Mark Eller, Hunt Night / Dracula, 1931

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