Jeff Carlson’s Frozen Sky, Volume 4: Battlefront

When Jeff Carlson left us in July of 2017, we didn’t think we’d get a chance to read any more of his work. Such a sad prospect for those of us addicted to his high-octane, post-apocalyptic and science fiction writing.

But now, thanks to his family, we have a second chance to enjoy his work. His new book is the fourth and final installment of his Europa Series. The Frozen Sky: Battlefront is now on sale on Amazon for Kindle.

“Reeling from their battles against the People’s Supreme Society of China, the allied forces detect a radio signal from inside Europa’s vast, black depths. Rallying the survivors, Vonnie assembles an interspecies team with NASA and the sunfish for a do-or-die mission into the Great Ocean. What they find will turn their worlds upside down…”

According to his wife, “Battlefront, the fourth and final volume of Jeff Carlson’s Europa Series has been published. It is available now on Amazon as an eBook and the paperback version will be available soon. Jeff’s manuscript for Battlefront was nearly complete at the time of his death in July 2017, and the final editing and assembly was done by his father, Gus Carlson, as a tribute to Jeff and a service to his many fans.  Whether you are Jeff’s family, friend, fan, colleague, or professional contact, we hope his final creative vision will find a place on your shelf (or device) and in your hearts.”

We at thank his family for bringing this new work to us and especially to Gus who spent time to make sure we got the chance to read it. Thank you.

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