Live Action Reviews! by Crystal Connor: The Matriarch

Plotline: After getting into a car crash, pregnant woman Rachel and her husband Matt seek help at a remote Scottish farmhouse. While staying the night with the farmer and his wife, the stranded couple realize the family’s daughter is actually a girl who’d been abducted years ago. Before they can escape, the farmers capture Rachel in order to steal her child.

Who would like it: People who are fans of Lifetime Movie Drama’s and beginner horror fans

High Points: Great premise, lots of potential 

Complaints: Lots of plot holes, and subplots that lead to nowhere

Overall: I thought it was almost ok.

Stars: 2 Stars

Where I watched it: VOD


Master Imaginationist and Instagram photographer Crystal Connor is the Chief Imagineer working for the Department of Sleep Prevention’s Nightmare Division. A Washington State native she loves anything to do with monsters, bad guys (as in evil-geniuses & super-villains.  Not ‘those’ kind her mother warned her about), rogue scientific experiments, jewelry, sky-high high-heeled shoes & unreasonably priced handbags.

When she’s not terrorizing her fans and racking up frequent flyers miles by gallivanting all over the country attending fan conventions and writer’s conferences she reviews indie horror and science fiction films for both her personal blog and

She is also considering changing her professional title to dramatization specialist because it is so much more theatrical than being a mere drama queen.

Download your free copy of …And They All Lived Happily Ever After! from and see why the name Crystal Connor has become “A Trusted Name in Terror!”

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