Twitter Tech Thursday Scavenger Hunt


Today is Thursday, HorrorAddicts, and you know what that means? It’s time for the Twitter Tech Thursday Scavenger Hunt! We invite all Horror Addicts to join in, PLAY the game, and WIN exciting mystery prizes!


1.) will tweet five clues which lead players to a picture on Emerian Rich’s Amazon Page each week.

2.) The clues will come in the form of questions. (i.e. I have touched the vein and caused the crimson stain. What am I?)

3.) When a player finds the picture, they will Direct Message @horroraddicts13 with their answer. (i.e. The Vampire lips on the cover of Kill Switch.)

4.) Those with correct answers will have their names entered into a drawing at the end of the day.

5.) The player whose name is drawn will be declared the winner.


1.) The winner will receive a mystery prize from

2.) If the correct answer is not given, no prize is given. Instead, it is added to the following week’s prize.

No one deciphered the clues last week, Addicts! The prize from the week of May 23, has been combined with this week’s prize!!

It’s easy as that Horror Addicts! Solve the clues, find the picture, DM it to horroraddicts13 to enter the drawing, and Stay Spooky!

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