Free Fiction : The Drain by Joan McHugh

Jen Connor’s Life is a Horrific Anthology  “The Drain”

Jen watches as the shower faucet sprays water over her face. This is her only retreat away from her existence. She lathers shampoo into her hair, pulls out loose ends, and watches them swirl down the drain. Jen’s mother constantly nagged about chores, and to pick hairs off the ground. She never saw the point, if things were bound to become dirty once more, then nothing was ever truly clean, including herself. Her mind is filled with filth. She washes her skin, dirty from the grueling pain she endures. Dirt swirls down the drain and gives the strands something organic to feed upon.

The water stops. She reaches out to the faucet and turns the dial. The water gurgles and the pipes creak. The ground rumbles and forces the screws on the drain to unhinge. Hands form from the strands and grab Jen’s ankles. They pull her to the ground. Her head hits against the shower floor. Blood flows around her, and down the drain. Her blood gives the strands something to live on. She sits up, dazed by her concussion. She tugs and pulls on the strands. They pull her toward the drain. She claws at the shower tile. Skin from her fingertips flows into the drain giving life to the strands. It crawls out and is face to face with Jen. She slips across the tile. The strands wrap around her body and pull her inch by inch down the drain to consume her flesh. 

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