Book Review: To the Monsters by the band Spider Hole

Review by Chantal Boudreau

Receiving this for review struck me with a severe case of nostalgia.  Not only did the “graphic novel” portion of this assignment remind me of the cool old horror comics I used to read under the covers with my flashlight when I was eight (scaring myself silly, I might add), but it also reminded me of the kids’ books we used to get when I was a child that came with an album (yes, I’m dating myself).  You would play the album and read along with it, which was essentially what I had to do with this.

Of course, don’t interpret this as me suggesting these tales are for children – they are not.

I can’t say I’ve had more fun reading/listening to something for a review.  The artwork was fantastic, the storylines were entertaining and the music generally appealed to me.  It felt like an unusually complete reading experience.

My only complaint would be there should better directions, or at least suggestions, as to what music should be listened to with which stories, perhaps at the start of the reading material.  Some of them sync up based on the title, but not all of them.

If you like alternative, gothy rock, have a taste for graphic novels and would enjoy a spooky trip down memory lane, I highly recommend this.

To sample The Spider Hole tracks, go to:

To buy the graphic novel, To the Monsters go:

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