November Theme : Nightmares

Greetings Horror Addicts!

Provided you didn’t eat too much Halloween Candy or drink too much in honor of the dead, you have awakened on the first morning of November! You might be interested to know that we here at Horror have declared November to be Nightmare Month on the blog.

Nightmares are something that most people have, although we do understand that some people don’t dream at all or at least don’t remember their dreams. For those of us who dream in vivid color and gory detail, nightmares can be some of the most frightening events in our lives. And we can’t wait to share them with you!

Researchers say there are several nightmares which are common among human beings. Falling, losing all your teeth, and being chased seem to be the big three, followed closely by appearing naked in public or someone you love dying.

Then there are frightening superstitions about dreams, such as if – in a falling dream – you actually hit dirt…you will die. Or should you tell your fearsome dream before you eat breakfast, it will certainly come true!

This month is here at we hope you will join us as our writers and guests share some of their spookiest nightmares, as well as book and movie reviews which will certainly give fuel to your late night freights!

We’d love to hear from you about your most frightening nightmares as well!  Tell us just why they scared you so much! In the meantime, Stay Spooky and keep on dreaming!

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