10iversary Feedback: From Our Readers

Thank you to the following for sharing:

I adore HorrorAddicts.net!  The podcasts are fascinating, like nothing else I’ve come across. The sheer variety of items covered is amazing, and all of it horror related!  Wow! I’ve been especially grateful to HorrorAddicts for embracing my work, with a number of wonderful reviews of my novels by Daphne Strasser, an interview with the fabulous Naching Kassa, and the kind support and encouragement of Emerian Rich, the dark horror goddess herself!  Oh, and Nightshade, my ever-patient go-between!  lol, I’m so glad HorrorAddicts.net exists; if it didn’t, I’d have to dream it!  May the next 10 years be even more intriguing for all of us and especially for you who create our dark genre’s moonlight.  – Nancy Kilpatrick, Award-winning author

HorrorAddicts.net has been an amazing ally in promoting the many horror-related music and press campaigns that we’ve had the pleasure of working with! – Tracy George, High Road Publicity
The best part about HorrorAddicts.net is learning about new-to-me authors and reading one (or more!) of their books. Jeff Strand, for example, Michaelbrent Collings for another. And the craft posts are really fun. – Priscilla Bettis – Horror Novelist
Has HorrorAddicts made a difference to you? Share your thoughts with us at HorrorAddicts.@gmail.com

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