March Theme: Bayou Berserk and New Orleans Horror

March Theme:  Bayou Berserk / Bizarro / Mardi Gras / Plantation / Swamp / Cemetery / Voodoo

Say that again three times fast! It’s a mouth full! More importantly, it is a month full of creepy, scary, frightening, and deadly tales that we hope you will enjoy. 

Whether you’re a fan of Anne Rice’s Louisiana horror or an enthusiast of voodoo legend, the bayou holds a certain air of mystery and dread. 

If you have traveled to New Orleans you have likely seen the signs outside the cemeteries. “Don’t go in alone!” We’ll help you see what even the tourism bureau makes sure to warn you of, and it’s not just to sell tours! 

If you prefer to read spine-tingling tales of ghosts in vine-covered plantations or you’re a fan of Bizarro fiction, our Bayou Berserk month will give you a fright! 

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