HorrorAddicts.net Season 15, Theme Announced

In these uncertain times, it’s important to know what NOT to do to keep yourself safe.  But we aren’t talking about hand sanitizer, face masks, and bleach. We aren’t even talking about the virus. We’re talking about the very real danger of being CURSED.

For the past two seasons (13 and 14) we’ve been telling you all about cursed objects and places, how they got cursed, and what’s happened to people who’ve crossed their paths. Season 15 will bring you cautionary tales of those who have fallen prey to the curse and how NOT to become one of them.

Each episode, we’ll be talking about ways you can protect yourself against curses such as:

*Don’t be a boasting jerk. Learn about the dude who just couldn’t win gracefully and carried his rivals head around to boast about it. The curse got him in the end.

*Don’t board a boat with Violet. Learn about the woman who survived three boat sinkings and the hundreds that died in her place.

*Leave well enough alone. Learn about the dude who missed being shot, but was shot by the same bullet while attempting to remove it from a tree.

Learn these warnings and more during the 13-episode Season 15, coming in April 2020.

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