Dark Divinations Book Event Calendar


Welcome Horror Addicts, to the Dark Divinations Book Event Calendar. We have many delightful events planned for your enjoyment and edification. Be sure to join us for interviews, tales of inspiration, excerpts, and parties galore! We would be most honored by your presence.

1 Press Release horroraddicts.net
2 Book Events Calendar horroraddicts.net
3 Naching’s Watch Party Announcement horroraddicts.net
4 Chilling Chat: Hannah Hulbert horroraddicts.net
5 Inspiration: Power and Shadow horroraddicts.net
6 Press Release http://www.emzbox.com
7 Chilling Chat: Ash Hartwell horroraddicts.net
8 Excerpt: They Wound Like Worms nachingkassa.wordpress.com
8 Inspiration: Copper and Cordite horroraddicts.net
9 Naching’s Watch Party Reminder horroraddicts.net
9 Naching’s Watch Party https://www.facebook.com/events/624037611791038/
10 Chilling Chat: Joe L. Murr horroraddicts.net
11 Inspiration: Damnation in Venice horroraddicts.net
11 Excerpt: Miroir de Vaugnac http://michaeltfassbender.com/
12 Chilling Chat: Emerian Rich horroraddicts.net
12 Excerpt: Of Blood and Bones http://www.ellderet.com/blog
13 DD on Kindle! horroraddicts.net
13 Excerpt: The Bell https://obergh.net/songoffire
14 Chilling Chat: Naching T. Kassa horroraddicts.net
14 Excerpt: Romany Rose https://stephanieellis.org
15 Inspiration: They Wound Like Worms horroraddicts.net
15 Excerpt: Copper and Cordite http://Ashhartwell.co.uk
16 FB Party/Watch Party Announced horroraddicts.net
16 Excerpt: Ghost of St. John Lane http://daphnestrasert.com/
17 Chilling Chat: Michael Fassbender horroraddicts.net
18 Inspiration: Miroir de Vaugnac horroraddicts.net
18 Excerpt: Damnation in Venice https://joelmurrauthor.com
19 Chilling Chat: Jon O’Bergh horroraddicts.net
20 Inspiration: The Bell horroraddicts.net
20 Excerpt: The Pocket Watch http://www.emzbox.com
21 Chilling Chat: Stephanie Ellis horroraddicts.net
22 Chilling Chat: HRR Gorman horroraddicts.net
23 FB Party/Watch Party Reminder horroraddicts.net
23 FB WATCH PARTY https://www.facebook.com/events/265774944815381/
23 FB PARTY https://www.facebook.com/events/2757190921169669/
24 Inspiration: Miss Mae’s Prayer horroraddicts.net
24 Excerpt: The Moat House Cob http://afstewartblog.blogspot.com/
25 Chilling Chat: R.L. Merrill horroraddicts.net
26 Inspiration: Breaking Bread horroraddicts.net
26 Excerpt: Broken Crystal https://riewriter.com/
27 Chilling Chat: Rie Sheridan Rose horroraddicts.net
28 Inspiration: Broken Crystal horroraddicts.net
28 Excerpt: Breaking Bread https://www.rlmerrillauthor.com
29 Chilling Chat: Daphne Strasert horroraddicts.net
29 Excerpt: Power and Shadow https://www.hauntjaunts.net/
30 Inspiration: Ghost of St. John Lane horroraddicts.net
31 Chilling Chat: Alan Fisher horroraddicts.net
31 Excerpt: Miss Mae’s Prayer https://hrrgorman.wordpress.com/
1 Chilling Chat: Jeremy Megargee horroraddicts.net
2 Inspiration: Of Blood and Bones horroraddicts.net
3 Inspiration: The Pocket Watch horroraddicts.net
3 Press Release nachingkassa.wordpress.com

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