Dark Divinations: Power and Shadow


The Inspiration Behind “Power and Shadow.”

By Hannah Hulbert

“Power and Shadow” started life as a steam-punk flash. I participate in a non-competitive monthly flash contest and the theme for this story was “vintage.” At the time it was written, I had been meaning to write a story about magical tea for a while (inspired by my real-life obsession with tea drinking) and so the vintage tea set became the focus of the story.

It was only a month later that I found the Dark Divinations submission call, and I knew my little story might be a good fit after a bit of work. So, with the feedback from the other participants, I rewrote the flash into the first scene.

The fairground was the second place my mind went when I thought of Victoriana, after the tea parlor. It’s a cross between that scene in Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang and the wonderful Wookie Hole (where the kids and I love to visit, in Somerset). I’ve always found carousel horses rather sinister and this was a fun way to play with that feeling.

The characters? I’m never too sure where my characters spring from. Some facet of my own personality, usually. I love writing bad mothers, they’re so much fun. And the shadows lurking at the periphery of your vision, waiting to manifest dark destinies? Well, that would be telling!

Hannah HulbertHannah Hulbert lives in urban Dorset, UK. She is on a permanent sabbatical from reality as she raises two children and devotes her time to visiting imaginary worlds, some of her own creation. You can find her short stories in the British Fantasy Society’s Horizons, the anthologies Curse of the Gods (ed. Sarah Gribble), Once and Future Moon (ed. Allen Ashley) and the forthcoming Beneath Strange Stars (TL;DR Press). You can find her tweeting and doodling when she should be writing.

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