Terror Trax: #180 Spank the Nun

Spank the Nun

ERIC writing and production and sound…
Jeremy additional writing and sounds.


Twitter: @spankthenun
Instagram: @spankthenun

What album, tour, or song are you excited about now? 

Our new album released on 1/28/2020 Initial Decay Control… many of the tracks or getting played in the clubs and on top playlists. We are heavily focused on promoting the new album and getting it heard. We are working on a single for Glitch and Burn and also a deluxe version is in the works. We are developing the live show now and also working on tons of new material that will be out later in the year too.


What singers or bands inspired you growing up? 

Front Line Assembly, Front 242, Bi-God 20, Bowie, Bauhaus, Leather Strip, Wumpscut – our music oftens pulls from these particular influences… we don’t aim to copy but pull the best bits forward and pay homage to what once was and is again… fans of these bands will feel at home with our sound, even though it is different than what is out there now.

Who are your favorite artists today? 

Angelspit, HARSH R, KREIGN, Isserley, Conspiracy Thief, Slighter, ESA, iVardensphere – We are big into bands that sound different and stand out within the industrial genre, especially the ones that can work well with noise and make it sonically appealing and not just covering up a lack of creativity and talent. There is so much great new music right now.

What non-musical things inspire your music? 

horror movies, serial killer documentaries, sci fi horror… I (Eric) watch Event Horizon every few months and I just watch Henry A Portrait of Serial Killer for the first time in years. We are constantly looking for new films and documentaries to draw ideas from. I keep a digital notebook of ideas for songs and videos and am constantly jotting down notes when I am watching. The idea for the song came from a kids show that happened to be on and an idea I had had for a while for a song, and it all clicked when I was watching some nonsense on TV for just a minute.

Is there a place where you go to be inspired? 

my studio, or throw on some scifi horror or zombie horror, we keep an extensive list of ideas that we can go to, wether it is notes, loops we have made, samples that we have curated over the years… we have many things to pull from to get inspired when needed

What’s been the greatest achievement of your band? 

getting our first album out so far and working with some of the best in the business… it was important to us that the album be different and have 12 solid tracks that any of them could be singles… we didn’t want any throw away songs on there and we want to make sure it was not over or under produced… but sounded just right. We didn’t want cover things up with noise, we want to make noise the music. For example the song SIN is all sample except for one string part played in a couple spots… the rest are all found sounds and samples.

Where was the coolest place to play? Where did you enjoy yourselves the most? 

Coolest place we have played in the past, is the Roxy and the Whiskey A Go-Go in Hollywood, we haven’t toured with this new music yet… but we are putting that together now so we can do a few live shows in 2020. Right now we are looking at clubs and festivals.

What are your favorite horror movies? 

Event Horizon, Pandorum, Evil Dead, The Thing, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Alien, Session 9, Audition, Ravenous, Midnight Meat Train, Spiral, Splinter, Tale of Two Sisters and many more. There are some weird as Japanese Cyberpunk movies like Tetsuo and Rubber Johnny that are some of our favorites. We have actually cut songs and videos for the next album already using these influences.

What was the scariest night of your life? 

Hard to choose. But getting stocked in clubs by redneck frat boys that shouldn’t be there. They would try to dance with our girls and pick a fight with us, they eventually got kicked out and then back in later and we had to fight them when they attack my girl. Security kicked them out after and they waited outside for us for hours. Luckily after we got out the gave up quickly and left… but we were paranoid heading to the next spot and all the way home. And for weeks after that.

If you could play anywhere in the world, where would it be and who would be your opening band? 

That is tough. In front of the right crowd that is ready to embrace us and enjoy it to the max. There are so many bands that would be amazing but we should be opening for all of them not for us.

What are you working on now for future release? 

We just released our new album in January and we are working on the next single and a possible deluxe version of the album. We have tons of remixes and tracks we didn’t use for the album. We are also working on the next album, it is very close to tracked at this point but we aren’t in a hurry to release it. We are also working with several other artists on some additional collaboration projects. There will be new SPANKTHENUN in one form of the other every other week this year… no joke. Including at least one more full-length album, maybe two more.

Final thoughts / Anything you want to tell the listeners?

We are here and plan to big impression by building the name and continually putting out high-quality product. We will release a new remix or song or a remix of someone else’s every couple of weeks.

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