Terror Trax: #183 Dogtablet

Martin King – Drums, Production, Programming
Roberto Soave – Bass, Production, programming
Jared Louche – Vox & Stories


What album, tour, or song are you excited about now? 

The Feathers & Skin remix album featuring some awesome remix friends


What singers or bands inspired you growing up? 

Magazine, Bowie, Bauhaus, Roxy, Wire, Iggy

Who are your favorite artists today? 

Muse, Scere, ACTORS, Nothing But Thieves , Skepta,

What non-musical things inspire your music? 

Martin – My Life and a dark mental edge.
Jared – rusty hunks of metal. Chris Marker and La Jette. Lenny Bruce, performances and his book. Pools of semi-coagulated blood and the overturned throne. Diodes and dial tones. Mean Streets. Herbert Huncke, especially “Guilty Of Everything”. JG Ballard, everything though “High Rise” and “The Atrocity Exhibition” are the top of the list. Renaissance paintings and Dutch masters. Gaspar Noe. George Bellows’ painting “Stag Night At Sharkey’s”. Ryu (NOT Haruki) Murakami’s “Almost Transparent Blue”. You’ve got to love any author who inspires warnings from the Japanese Tourism Board any time he publishes a new book, as is the case with every RYU Murakami book, and “Almost Transparent Blue” is the acme. Dawn at the outer ring. Ink spatters. Realm Of The Senses. Broken robots that like to fuck. Acrylic paint. The poetry of Gil Scott-Heron, Bobby Seale and Amiri Baraka. Broken glass. John Singer Sargent’s paintings. Roxy and the Lido after dark. Christian Marcklay, not particularly his music, though his scratch-guitar was killer, but I love his recreated album covers and his experimental movies. The anarchitect and deconstructionist supremo Gordon Matta-Clarke. Mingus, Miles and Monk. William Gibson, most of his work though “Pattern Recog” was directionless. Teeth and tail bones and Tarkovsky. Eric Satie around lunch. Absolutely everything Francis Bacon created as well as his mythology. Caetano Veloso and Gal Costa. George Bataille is superb though “Story Of The Eye” is peerless in his oeuvre. Magazines, remember those, particularly 1970’s picture-rich editions as they’re best for collage. JK Huysmans “La Bas”. Werner Herzog, all of him, and Wim Wenders Himmel Uber Berlin and Paris Texas. Cremaster 5. Autumnal wind through skeletal trees. Marguerite Yourcenar. Ray Barretto. John Waters’ Female Trouble. ‘A Little History Of The World’ by Gombrich. Weather patterns and dusk. Night too. Queneau’s “Exercise De Style”. Laughter. Tears. The occasional dawn, and the Pearl Bailey quote heard in Cap d’Antibes at the Valpolli mansion: “Darling, until a few years ago, I never knew there was but one eight o’clock in the day”. Maya Angelou “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” though she’s consistently amazing. Monty Python. Samba. Wu-Tang, both of them. Chow Yun Fat and John Woo having sex. Berlin between ’62 and ’89. Blazing Saddles. Luniz “5 On It”. The Unknown.

Is there a place where you go to be inspired? 

Inside myself

What’s been the greatest achievement of your band? 

Still being alive after so many years doing this shit.

Where was the coolest place to play? Where did you enjoy yourselves the most? 

Martin – I once played in a lava crater halfway up Mount Etna. We were above the clouds but above us was the glowing rim of the Volcano. Pretty damn awesome.
Jared – n the basement of an abandoned hotel in downtown Detroit. Roberto – Arenes De Frejus with The Cure standing in on bass for the absent Simon Gallup

What are your favorite horror movies? 

We’re old school so that makes it Texas Chainsaw, the original. Evil Dead, of course. Jacob’s Ladder will forever hold a special grave in my heart. Polanski’s Repulsion. The original Wicker Man. Alien for the creeps, Aliens for the awesome comedy. Nicholas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now. Let The Right One In. 28 Days Later. Last House On The Left. Seven. Night Of The Hunter.

What was the scariest night of your life? 

Jared – That would have to be the night Dave Brockie from GWAR and I almost died on the highway, but I think everyone knows that story by now.
Martin – Fighting skinheads behind the venue in Minneapolis after a Pigface show. They’d been chasing our support band to beat them down in homophobic rage. We won’t stand for that shit. Knives, Police, adrenaline and some scary stuff. My first experience with baton and Mace happy US cops actually. Martin Atkins saved me from being arrested. Roberto – Almost drowning in Canal D’Arles, drunk with a bicycle round my neck after one of the Cure shows in France.

If you could play anywhere in the world, where would it be and who would be your opening band? 

The Hanging Gardens Of Babylon, and though I’ve seen him a number of times, I’d want to share a bill with Bowie. He wouldn’t be supporting us though. We’d be supporting him. The frustrating thing about being the headliner is that it’s a real challenge for me to be able to focus on the support bands. I’m always too tugged and distracted and fractured to be able to properly appreciate whatever’s happening before I play. This way we’d get to double-barrel the audience and then kick back with our circle and watch the man at work in one of the most glorious and deliriously l beautiful locations in the world.

What are you working on now for future release? 

We’re planning a physical limited edition release of Feathers& Skin with some new tracks which will only be available on it. Working on remixes for other artists…..and somehow working out how we can tour this thing we call Dogtablet

Final thoughts / Anything you want to tell the listeners?

The most important thing for us is to get our music out. So we ask you to use social media to share and spread the word. We don’t care if it’s streaming Spotify, Deezer, Fuckstream or whatever. It aint about the money……

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