Terror Trax: #184 Sharone


Sharone – vocals, piano, synths, composition

Twitter: @sharone-music
Instagram: @sharone_official

Album/Song/Tour we are excited about right now.

I released my new album ‘Reflection’ back in December. I’m also hitting the studio once I return to track a brand new single.

Insert one YouTube Video link:


What singers or bands inspired you growing up?

Amy Lee / Evanescence, Lzzy Hale / Halestorm, My Chemical Romance, and P!nk.

Who are your favorite artists today?

All of the artists listed above as well as In This Moment, New Years Day, Meg Myers, and Badflower.

What non-musical things inspire your music?

My life… haha

Is there a place where you go to be inspired?

Whenever I feel like writing music I have to isolate myself. I find that whenever I try writing with other people the product is rarely as genuine or personal as something I pour all of my emotion into when I’m in my own bubble.

What’s been the greatest achievement of your band?

2019 was my biggest year yet. I opened for five or six different nationals throughout the year, went on two tours, and released #Reflection, which is an album I am so, so proud of. I think that album alone is my greatest achievement thus far.

Where was the coolest place to play? Where did you enjoy yourselves the most?

I played in Salt Lake City in March at a venue called The Underground. That was my favorite show we played outside of Colorado all year. The space was small but every band on the bill was incredible talented as well as kind, the crowd was engaged and energetic, and my bandmates slayed. I hope to go back there soon.

What are your favorite horror movies?

As far as the classics, I love Nightmare on Elm Street, The Exorcist, Psycho, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. From a more modern stance, I loved Saw, The Babadook, Halloween (2018), and Doctor Sleep.

What was the scariest night of your life?

I recently started using backing tracks for my life shows to incorporate the strings, choirs, harmonies, etc. and give myself the ability to move around and perform during certain parts of songs that require piano. The first show that I was using them at was opening for Puddle of Mudd in Golden, CO the first weekend of November. There were a good few hundred people at the show. It was a good crowd. My team and I were just figuring the whole system out and only got one smooth run through with the tracks the morning of the show. We decided to go for it anyway. We had a couple hiccups, but we still pulled it off. The show went great, but I still have never been more nervous/terrified in my life.

If you could play anywhere in the world, where would it be and who would be your opening band?

 I will play at Red Rocks before I die. My opening band…I think I’d rather coheadline the show with Evanescence. That’s the ultimate dream.

What are you working on now for future release?

I’m working on a lot of new music, and I’m heading into the studio when I get back from tour in April to record a new single.

Final thoughts / Anything you want to tell the listeners?

Make sure you check out my new album #Reflection. And follow me on Instagram, Spotify, Twitter, etc. to be the first to get sneak peaks of my new releases and upcoming shows!

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