HOW CON: Writers, Learn What the #NGHW Challengers Learned

Our Next Great Horror Writer challenge was an excellent learning process for our contestants and listening to the audio will give you tips on writing and examples of what can be done better and what really makes editors pause and listen to your work. Each audio below covers a different style/aspect of writing. Hosted by Emerian Rich, Dan Shaurette, and H.E. Roulo

#NGHW Episode 1: The top 15 are chosen. 100 Word Stories and how they got into the top by answering questions well and submitting excellent cover letters.

#NGHW Episode 2: 300 Word Monster Stories, how to write flash fiction. Guest judge horror writer and podcaster, Mark Eller.

#NGHW Episode 3: 500 Word Blog Posts, what makes a good blog post impactful.
Guest judge The Count from Cemetery Confessions.

#NGHW Episode 4: Spoof Commercials. How to write short comedy. Guest Judge author and humorist, Timothy Reynolds.

#NGHW Episode 5: Horror Romance Poems, how to write romance poetry. Guest Judges Julianne Snow and Nina D’Arcangela from Sirens Call Publications

#NGHW Episode 6: Horror Music Story, how to write a short story that will sell. Guest Judge Jeremiah Donaldson

#NGHW Episode 7: Horrific True Tales. How to write a blog post of true life horror story. Guest Judge Stacy Rich, Blog Editor.

#NGHW Episode 8: Character Descriptions. How to write a good character description. Guest Judge Annette Curtis Klause

#NGHW Episode 9: Campfire Tales. How to craft a well-rounded short story. Guest Judge Dario Ciriello

#NGHW Episode 10: Interviews. How to interview and how to be interviewed. Guest Judge Stacy Rich

#NGHW Episode 11: Audiodramas. How to write short scripts. Guest Judge director and writer, Frank H. Woodward.

#NGHW Episode 12: 3000-word short story with a POC woman character. Guest Judge publisher Nicole Givens Kurtz from Mocha Memoirs.

#NGHW Episode 13: Review of the 3 novel pitches, how to pitch a novel, first 3 chapters, and the winners of our contest. Guest Judge Joe Mynhardt from Crystal Lake Publishing.

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