THE BIGFOOT FILES/Chapter Twenty-Eight: The Kiamichi Beast Expedition

The Kiamichi Beast Expedition is like watching two men fish for an hour without ever catching a fish. Sound boring? It may be, but in all fairness, most Bigfoot expeditions are probably exactly like the one depicted in this 2021 amateur documentary streaming free on Tubi.

Led by Bigfoot investigator Master Hughes with assistance from tracker Victor Inman, The Kiamichi Beast Expedition chronicles a two-week trip in 2019 to the Kiamichi Mountains, which extend from southeastern Oklahoma to western Arkansas.

Billed as the oldest Bigfoot in Oklahoma, the Kiamichi beast has apparently terrorized the region for more than 200 years according to newspaper reports and Native American stories.

“Many of the locals claim when they find a dead deer or a hog and the liver’s missing, it’s the Kiamichi beast that did it,” Hughes tells us at the beginning.

As amateur documentaries go, Hughes does a serviceable job of giving viewers an accurate account of his adventure. The problem is nothing really happened on the trip. While Hughes and Inman find an 18-inch-long footprint and hear strange sounds in the distance, the expedition was dampened by rain and limited the duo’s ability to track the beast.

The highlight is listening to the howls of what Hughes claims is the only known recording of the Kiamichi beast. Even though the expedition failed to yield any irrefutable evidence, Hughes believes the beast exists. He also makes some boldly specific claims about Bigfoot’s abilities and behavior that justify the lack of evidence.

“They have the ability to hear sounds that me and you can’t hear,” Hughes explains. “They can hear the click of a camera 300 yards away because of their hearing. You can’t get within a mile of Bigfoot with a firearm. He can smell the powder a mile away.”

Ultimately, I credit Hughes for venturing into the Kiamichi Mountains and showing us what he found. But other than hearing the wails of what may be the Kiamichi beast, the documentary doesn’t offer any compelling new evidence for believers. The film is geared more toward enthusiasts interested in Bigfoot expeditions the same way anglers will watch a fishing show even when no one catches a fish.

NEXT UP: Chapter Twenty-Nine: Primal Rage. I review the 2018 film directed by Patrick Magee.

6 thoughts on “THE BIGFOOT FILES/Chapter Twenty-Eight: The Kiamichi Beast Expedition

  1. Good review. I do understand the appeal of fishing shows for anglers when no fish show up and ghost hunting shows for paranormal enthusiasts when no apparitions appear, so I get why the Kiamichi Beast Expedition would be popular with certain people.

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  2. While your review of the kiamichi beast is moderate, You seem to have missed the evidence in the film Bones that were found, Trails marked with crystals in unusual place in the wilderness areas where we were tracking . These things should not be where they were. Stacked rocks in the middle of a stream which could not have been a natural occurrence. Also i openly said finding the beast ,would only be possible by recognizing tiny details. As the beast is highly intelligent. These are highly rugged areas that we were in. And my claims of the beasts highly developed senses, nothing strange the , There are many animals with highly developed smell and hearing , Any way thanks for the review. Life is a journey .

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    • Thank you, Mr. Hughes. As a Bigfoot enthusiast, I enjoyed your film, and I appreciate researchers like yourself who take the time to share their adventures with us. As a reviewer, my role is a little different as I try to let folks know what to expect … and what not to expect. I didn’t miss the bones or the crystals you found, I simply chose to use the footprint and strange sounds as the examples of what you found. I understand many animals have highly developed senses, but I was referring to the specifics of your information down to how many yards away that Bigfoot can hear a camera click or smell gunpowder. Those were bold assertions to me at least. Anyway, I hope you find irrefutable evidence one day. I’m rooting for you. Keep up the awesome work!

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      • Hope you see this, I saw a partial link apparently with you commenting about the movie now being on Amazon. The movie has been popular so we have also shot Kiamichi Beast Expedition 2. It will be on or may already be on amazon its going to be on Tubitv too. and we are working on ” Trail of the Kiamichi Beast” planned shoot in latter part of September. we also had a very large company contact me about the movies, their words “Your movies are unique. I’m hoping kiamichi beast expedition 2 does as well and check it out, their is something in the movie that may interest you, and I didn’t create it it is real . But anyway I have had many people write me about the movie. If nothing else I’m very glad that I created something that people could enjoy. Ps I believe its also playing on a Brazilian internet site Box brazil play. thanks Master Hughes.

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