Book Review: Wolfe Manor by Adele Marie Park

reviewedfixedWolfe Manor by Adele Marie Park

Reviewed by Emerian Rich

wolfemanorA great first novel from a bright and promising author, Wolfe Manor takes you on a magical journey of self-discovery.

Wolfe Manor  is a school where two interesting aunts welcome students and lost souls. An orphan left at the manor as a babe, Fianna teaches art to the young girls, inspiring them with lessons she learned in the same halls.  The manor is the only home she’s ever known, but even though she’s been there all her life, it holds secrets even she doesn’t know about. As dark entities attack the estate, Fianna comes into powers she never knew she possessed. With the help of her adopted aunts and several quirky characters she’s become friends with, her powers awaken. The secrets of who her parents were, why they left her, and what her destiny is come alive in this paranormal drama. 

Reading, I felt as if I had fallen down the rabbit hole into a universe that I wanted to explore. Could I get out of the train car and walk around in this magical manor myself? Well, yes. Through the author’s description, she creates an atmosphere that involves the reader as if you are just another character trying to help Fianna realize her true purpose. The author’s characters are fully developed and have passionate souls that wrap you in a warm hug. This is definitely the sort of book best read under the quilt by the fire with the wind blowing outside.  

For fans of Practical Magic, The Magicians, or even Harry Potter, this book will make you feel as if you’ve grown up with Fianna and are right at home. Magic, demonic entities, animal familiars, and fantastical libraries await you. A must read for any dark fantasy lover.

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