An Introduction to Deathly Fog

largeaddfWhen Jacob and his brothers discover the ability to capture fog from the marsh behind their house, they bring it back with them. The fun game turns to danger as they realize perhaps something else accompanied them home. Is it too late to escape the Deathly Fog?

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“There it is, fog, atmospheric moisture still uncertain in destination, not quite weather and not altogether mood, yet partaking of both.” – Hal Borland.

Fog. John Carpenter terrorized us with it, Charles Dickens used it as a metaphor for corruption, and Carl Sandburg spoke of its fleeting nature. Fog’s a common weather effect that still manages to awe us when it occurs.  Basically a cloud that touches the ground, it occurs when water droplets suspend in the air near the Earth’s surface. And yet, it baffles, intimidates, and brings a mood with it that can’t be shaken easily.

Whether it was the fog that surrounded me, blocking out the landscape as I walked to school or that trip I took with my cousin when all we could see was a car length in front of us and she had me talk to her the whole time to calm her nerves, fog has always fascinated me. The feeling of being surrounded by tangible air and yet also so completely alone can chill you to the bone. For a horror addict, it can also thrill you into fantastical imaginings of what might be lurking in the fog.

When “Deathly Fog” crossed my desk, I knew we had to publish it. Adam’s story grabbed hold of me and threatened to pull me into the computer screen. As I read his words, I felt like I was right there with the boys, exploring the marsh. As they breathed in the visible air, I breathed it in and well… What happens next, I won’t spoil for the world.

I hope you enjoy this work as much as I did,

Emerian Rich, Publisher

Read Deathly Fog.


Adam Brekenridge is a traveling professor for the US military who goes around the world teaching US soldiers stationed overseas. He has eighteen short story publications and most recently his work has appeared in Visions Magazine, Mystery Weekly, and Clockwork, Curses and Coal from Worldweaver Press.
He’s currently based in Seoul.


Horror Bites Series

Horror eBites

Volume 1: Alice’s Scars by Adam L. Bealby

When he met Alice, he wasn’t prepared to go down the rabbit hole. His love for her pushes him into the uncomfortable realization she might be mad. He wants to keep her safe, but what if that’s not what Alice wants?

Volume 2: Campfire Tales

Dear Reader,

You’ve been invited to a very special night of Campfire Tales, hosted by Meet us at Old Bear Creek, just past Dead Man’s Curve. Dress warm. We’ll be waiting.

Four scary tales told by Next Great Horror Writer finalists and woven together by a trek through the woods you’ll never forget.

Volume 3: #NGHW Editor’s Pick is proud to present our top 14 contestants in the Next Great Horror Writer Contest. The stories, scripts, and poems are the result of the hard work and dedication these fine writers put forth to win a book contract. We hope you enjoy the writing as much as we did.

Volume 4: #NGHW Winner

Requiem in Frost by Jonathan Fortin

BLACK METAL LIVES! When Ingrid and her mother move into a home in the deep frostbitten woods of Norway, they are haunted by extreme metal musician, Skansi Oppegård. Hoping to exorcise Skansi’s ghost, she talks her mom into being part of a metal band. Oppegård’s last musical creation awakens forces beyond Ingrid’s understanding and causes Skansi’s murderer to resurface. In the battle between a madman and zombies, metal may be the only weapon she has.

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