THE BIGFOOT FILES/Chapter Thirty-Two: ‘The Oregon Sasquatch’

“The Oregon Sasquatch” features one of the most believable witness interviews about a Bigfoot encounter that I’ve watched. The interview and reenactment aired on Episode 3 of the Syfy show Paranormal Witness in 2011.

The encounter happened in the Cascades of Oregon in 1997. The location of hundreds of Bigfoot sightings, the Cascades are a sprawling mountain range in western North America, extending from Canada through Washington and Oregon to Northern California.

The witness is Jess Boiler, a deputy sheriff who decided to take a hike after working his shift. After walking for two hours, he looked through his compass to take a measurement.

“I saw a person standing there, but it was clearly not a human being,” Boiler said.

With the Sasquatch looking directly at him, Boiler involuntarily cocked his head to one side.

“He mimicked me exactly,” Boiler said. “He was smart.”

The deputy sheriff reached for his weapon, and the Sasquatch fled the scene. With fear overcoming curiosity, Boiler eventually headed back to his vehicle. The sound of snapping trees and the sight of a frightened deer heightened the tension on his return trip.

“The idea I couldn’t see him, but he could see me made me very uncomfortable,” Boiler said. “I was convinced that I was going to die and that I was going to die in a very bad way.”

“The Oregon Sasquatch” is an eerie five-minute-long segment, effectively capturing the fear of a Bigfoot encounter by cutting to realistic reenactment scenes during the Boiler interview.

Watch the interview and share your thoughts in the comment section. What do you think of Boiler’s story?

NEXT UP: Chapter Thirty-Three: Bigfoot: A Short Story. I review the 2018 short story by D.L. Finn.

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