#HorrorAddictsGuide An Introduction


It’s been seven years since the last Horror Addicts Guide to Life was published, and yet, every day I find us Horror Addicts have more to say. Sure, things have changed in our world. We’ve seen leaders come and go, wars fought, refugees flee, movie stars go crazy, and lived through a pandemic for Bela’s sake!

What have we learned? Yes, we may need that go-bag and extra stock-up of supplies, not in case of zombies, but because store suppliers can’t keep up with demand amid the world plunging into a crisis that despite our preparedness, we weren’t prepared for. We learned we can live—albeit not very happily—without movie theaters, human contact, and makeup. We’ve traversed the ultra “normal” world of meeting by video and giving each other kudos for even just breathing. Cleaning our closets proved there was a legitimate use for those fun cyberpunk masks we blew our bonuses on. They DO have a purpose besides looking cool. And lastly, we learned the pandemic really isn’t as fun as we were told in the movies. I mean, I didn’t get any free trips to the deserted mall where I could have whatever I wanted, did you? Where is my post-apocalyptic fashion montage?

Despite what we’ve been through, Horror Addicts have continued to take solace in our passion. We’ve reached deep into the underbelly of streaming Horror movies that we never would’ve touched had there been other things to do. We’ve completed some of our reading lists and revisited those classics we loved as kids. We’ve given in to the beat of perhaps new and uncomfortable musical choices, just for something different to listen to. By exploring these new or new-to-us things, we have expanded the world of Horror we encompass and man, we want to talk about it!

As we launch into a new era of that dreaded over-used phrase “new normal,” we ask you to come along. We’ll be talking about monsters we’ve always loved, greats from the past who have inspired us, new places to explore, and where we want the Horror genre to go in the future. To help you enjoy this workbook as part of your every-day horror lifestyle, we’ve added spots for you to share your favorites, opinions, and sketches alongside ours. If you’ve caught the DIY bug, we’ve got crafts, recipes, and ideas to help you pepper Horror into your everyday life. And for those of you who need a little fun, we’ve got puzzles, Horrorscopes, and trivia to keep life manageable.

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Thank you for joining us and as always… Stay Spooky!

Emerian Rich, Editor

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