#HorrorAddictsGuide What Inspires Horror with James Goodridge


Horror Addicts Guide to Life 2 

jamesgoodridge headshotI’m inspired to write… 

On a Saturday night, as a child growing up in The Bronx, New York among other reasons in the mid-1960s remember gathering with my family in front of our black and white floor model Zenith television to watch NBC’s (?) Saturday Movie of The Week, which consisted of movies theatrically shown two to five years or more, beforehand shown on television for the first time. Well on one of those family nights I was introduced to George Pal’s 1954 version of H.G. Wells , War of The Worlds, science fiction yet still horror. A few years later I would identify with actor Duane Jones character of color in George Romero’s game-changing Night of The Living Dead (YouTube has a wonderful video back story of how P-Funk maggot overlord George Clinton and his Parliament Funkadelic bandmates on a detour to a gig drove stoned into the middle of Romero’s filming) add to that a love for Hammer Horror films, which introduced me to Gothic horror. With this background, I as a speculative writer in the sub-genre of occult detective and a person of color, tend to include when world-building and character creating from time to time use black historical figures lesser-known from history in my stories. The essays I have written are part of my journey in horror. Horror is a way of life, a kind of comfort food if I may say. When life goes hard you go macabre. If I can make a person put their cares aside for a few minutes in a short story or brief essay, like an old school half-hour to hour TV show then I’ve done my job. 

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