Book Review: Future Tense: Tales of Apocalyptic Vision

Future TenseHello Addicts,

Apocalypse. It is a word that has so many meanings to so many people. To some, it is the end of all things. To others, it is the end of one time and the start of a new. Both meanings are on full display in “Future Tense: Tales of Apocalyptic Vision” by Michaelbrent Collings.

This is a collection of stories that covers a gamut of horrific settings. It starts with using clones to deter suicides in a totalitarian future; moves on to a society where a computer decides your life; and then lands on a group of friends getting together being forced to play a deadly children’s game. There are post-apocalyptic stories on a global scale, and others covering a more personal perspective. Michaelbrent Collings seems to have all the bases covered.

Since starting doing book reviews for Horror Addicts, I have become a big fan of the author. When I see one of his books, I know I am in for a macabre ride and good storytelling. This collection didn’t disappoint. I don’t want to divulge too many details to keep from accidentally revealing spoilers, but I can say that there is something for everyone in there. There is humor for those who like their funny bone tickled while being chilled, and nasty people getting their just rewards. Even the author appears in a story as well. All will have a fun and scary time.

You can find “Future Tense: Tales of Apocalyptic Vision” by Michaelbrent Collings on Amazon in eBook, hardcover, and paperback formats.

Until next time, Addicts,


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