#HorrorAddictsGuide What Inspires Horror with R.L. Merrill


Horror Addicts Guide to Life 2 

Merrill_RL-HeadshotMy stepfather, aka The Dude (way before Lebowski), has fallen asleep in his recliner around seven pm since he became my stepfather in 1975. He wakes a few hours later and watches TV, mostly Westerns, and Horror flicks. I was not quite three years old when he married my mom and gave me a fantastic stepsister, and as I grew older, I looked forward to sneaking out of bed to watch Creature Features and The Twilight Zone with him. My first drive-in memory was going to see Jaws 2 with the fam in our Pinto station wagon with the fake wood paneling and my mom accidentally spilling the entire bucket of homemade popcorn on him. 

My love of horror grew to its current level of obsession when we got our first VHS player somewhere around 1983 and a video store opened down the street. I remember walking to the store most days in the summertime to return the two horror flicks (two was the limit at this place) I’d rented the day before and rent two more. House, The Pit, and The Reanimator were all early faves. I re-watched The Company of Wolves so many times…and creepy Sting in Brimstone and Treacle horrified me. But I was in love with the morbidly mysterious, the murky spaces, and the monsters. Then I spied my mom’s copy of Stephen King’s Night Shift…and I snuck the book into my room. I read “The Boogeyman” and scared myself deliciously to death. 

I’ve been a proud Horror Addict for about 44 years now and I love bringing my love of music to the blog and podcast in the form of reviews for some of the best horror-infused tunes out there today. One of my favorite pieces I submitted to the blog was about Dark Love Songs…We love them, don’t we? It’s my goal to share all the titillating horror tunes with you awesome addicts.

I knew I’d met a kindred spirit when Emerian Rich first came into my life a few years ago.  I’m grateful she brought me into the HA fold and introduced me to the best people. I loved reading Naching T. Kassa’s short stories and when I was asked to interview her for the blog I jumped at the chance. Now I’ll pretty much do anything our mistress asks and I’ll continue as long as she lets me play in her creepy sandbox. 

Thanks, Horror Addicts. Stay Tuned…

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