#HorrorAddictsGuide An Interview with Mark Orr


Horror Addicts Guide to Life 2 

markorrWhat is your name and what is your horror area of interest?

My name is Mark Orr, and I am the Historian of Horror. I have been intensely curious about nearly everything there is to be interested in for all sixty-three years of my life, including horror as expressed in every aspect of human endeavor – art, music, film and spooky storytelling in all its myriad forms, as well as the customs and traditions that arise out of the horrors that inform the human experience. I am also interested in the intersection of horror with other genres, especially mystery, which is itself another passion of mine.

What is your work in HAGL2 about?

It’s about the broad range of horrific expression in every genre, every medium, every cultural practice known to humanity. Creepy comics, frightening films, monstrous music, scary stories, terrifying television, all of these are examined in my various articles.

What is your favorite horror subject and why?

How cultural expressions of horror reflect the terrors of the time and place in which they are created – the angst of their age, if you will.

What are you looking forward to in the horror genre?

Historians have a tendency to look backwards more than forwards, but there’s always the delicious anticipation of coming across some forgotten artifact or unexpected scholarly work that will illuminate a previously unexamined facet of horror.

Where can readers/listeners find your work?


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