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Horror Addicts Guide to Life 2 

Jonathan Fortin AUTHORPHOTO-2020My article 25 Of The Most Metal Films (That Aren’t About Metal) exists for two reasons: one, to promote my metal-themed short story Requiem In Frost; and two, out of spite that every list of “Metal movies” on the Internet. 

I completed the first draft of Requiem In Frost for a challenge in the Next Great Horror Writer Contest, wherein we were tasked to write a music-themed horror story. I’d had a fitting idea in my head for a while: a girl moving into a house haunted by the ghost of a murdered black metal musician, who she would befriend and eventually avenge by finding his killer. While I didn’t win that particular challenge, I did win the competition, and was invited to publish the work as a standalone ebook. (I recently recorded some parts for the audiobook, which should be out later this year.) 

I wrote 25 Films… as a blogpost to promote the story’s original launch, back in 2019. While researching similar lists online, I found an irritating tendency: nearly every list of the most “metal” films focused only on movies that were specifically about metal, rather than ones that felt metal. And I hate to say it, but despite my great love for the genre, I feel that a lot of the frequently-cited metal-themed films honestly aren’t that good. Most are extremely low-budget, to boot. In my mind, very few capture the epic, bombastic essence of metal. 

With that in mind, I decided to list only movies that weren’t specifically about metal, even though Requiem In Frost very much is. I instead focused on movies that had aesthetics, atmosphere, and/or subject matter that seemed appropriate for a metal album. I tried to include as much variety of metal as possible, from fantasy appropriate for symphonic power metal (The Lord of the Rings, Legend) to horror appropriate for goregrind (Martyrs, which you probably shouldn’t watch unless you have a very strong stomach). I also included a few stinkers out of necessity—Heavy Metal is tough to recommend in 2022, and I’ve personally never been a big fan of Conan the Barbarian—but the list wouldn’t feel complete without them. If I were to revise it for the years that have passed since 2019, then 2021’s The Spine of Night and 2022’s The Northman would both be shoe-ins for inclusion.

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