#HorrorAddictsGuide An Interview with James Goodridge


Horror Addicts Guide to Life 2 

jamesgoodridge headshotWhat is your name and what is your horror area of interest?
My name is James Goodridge. I’m a writer of speculative fiction in the sub-genre of occult detective. An ongoing student of the Carnacki method of ghost finding.
What is your work in HAGL2 about?
A series of essays on horror from a person of color’s view.
What is your favorite horror subject and why?
Cosmic horror/occult detective. Cosmic horror because it shows how unimportant we are in the universe.
What are you looking forward to in the horror genre?
I have a collection of occult detective short stories coming out in 2023 featuring Madison Cavendish (vampire) and Susan SunMountain Cavendish (werewolf)
Where can readers/listeners find your work? 



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