#HorrorAddictsGuide What Inspires Horror with Geneve Flynn


Horror Addicts Guide to Life 2 

Geneve Flynn-Author-EditorI became a horror addict when I read Stephen King’s It as a teenager. That book reached into my brain and turned all the dials up to ten. I couldn’t get enough horror after that. 

I wrote my article, “What’s Your Lens?,” in response to the call-out for content for the Asian Horror Month on the HorrorAddicts site. As an editor, you have to be aware of your own perspectives and preferences, and how that might shape your response to a manuscript. One way to become aware of the lens you view the world through is to read widely.

What encourages me to keep creating? I love having written. I love the alchemy of writing. You might overhear a snatch of strange conversation, read a weird fact, meet an intriguing person, have a bizarre and frightening dream, discover an odd object, and all of that makes its way into a story. All those ingredients come together in your brain cauldron and out comes something magical that’s more than the sum of its parts. That’s the best feeling.

I also write to see myself in stories. Publishing hasn’t been that diverse historically. It’s a sweet thrill to read a story where you don’t have to perform mental calisthenics to be the main character. 

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