#HorrorAddictsGuide What Inspires Horror with Priscilla Bettis


Horror Addicts Guide to Life 2 

priscillaWhen I was a kid in elementary school, I dutifully read my English assignments, but they bored me. By age ten, I had grown tired of sappy characters and too pointed moral lessons. Then I snuck The Exorcist from my parents’ den.

The Exorcist scared the crap out of me even though I didn’t understand parts of it. But the visceral feelings I got were the same as when real life horrors occurred in the grownup world around me. I felt understood by the genre. In turn, I grasped how powerful dark literature could be.

I’ve been a horror addict ever since. Dark fantasy, dark poetry, Gothic, literary, creature-feature, I love them all.

Nowadays, I enjoy writing horror as well as reading it. It gives me a sense of control in an out-of-control world. After all, I can’t stop evil from running amok, but I can always close a book or put down a pen.

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