#HorrorAddictsGuide An Interview with Martha Allard


Horror Addicts Guide to Life 2 

marthaWhat is your name and what is your horror area of interest?
My name is Martha J Allard. My favorite horror writers include Loren Rhoads and Clive Barker.

What is your work in HAGL2 about? 

I’ve always felt that I write on the fringes. My piece is about just that. How do you conquer that uncomfortable feeling of not belonging? 

What is your favorite horror subject and why? 

I love stories about misunderstood monsters.

What are you looking forward to in the horror genre?

It am totally looking forward to Netflix’s Sandman, and the new Hellraiser show as well. Call me an optimist, they both could be great.

Where can readers/listeners find your work? 

Martha J Allard/amazon

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