Merrill’s Musical Musings: Luscious Apparatus

Greetings Horror Addicts! 

Ro’s Reviews

Luscious Apparatus shares their single “Infiltrate” with us this week. The band was inspired to write this song by the deplorable reports that have surfaced regarding Brian Warner AKA “Marilyn Manson” and the abuse he allegedly inflicted on several partners. Artists who use their voice to lift others up have my appreciation and the song “Infiltrate” is a moving entry point to the band whose sound will appeal to fans of the goth rockers like Evanescence.  For those who are/were Manson fans and who are troubled/angered by the reports, you are not alone. As we begin to learn more disturbing facts about our musical “heroes,” it’s difficult to decide: do I continue to listen? Do I stop supporting?” Every music fan must decide for themselves. In the meantime, let me know what you think about Luscious Apparatus.

Disconnected is one of those artists that comes to me through the Horror Addicts HQ and within the first few bars of the song I recognize a kindred spirit. Melodic hard rockers from France, their latest album We Are Disconnected kicks off with “Life Will Always Find Its Way” and sucks you in. The vocals, both screaming and clean, are hauntingly compelling. I will definitely be listening to more from this band. “King of the World” and “Your Way To Kill,” are standouts as well. The harmonies are awesome and the hopeful vibe takes me back to some late 80s metal bands who knew that a power ballad was the way to a true fan’s heart.

Shout Outs

Dual Analog dropped their debut album Lust, Worship, and Desire. They dub their genre Turbowave and it’s definitely a vibe for folks who dig 80s bands like Book of Love and New Order’s offshoot Electronic. Against I released their EP O.M.G this spring and this one is great for folks who dig heavier industrial music like Rammstein and Static X. Cliff & Ivy’s “Bloody Ghost” has a 90s post-grungey kind of sound, so if that’s your jam, check them out.

Ro’s Recs

So my daughter and I have been watching Archive 81 and I cannot for the life of me tell you what is the creepiest thing about it. The music, however, is seriously ominous and music plays a significant role in the storyline. Anyone watching it? Anyone have ideas? Don’t spoil it for me, but if you are digging this show, shoot me a message on the socials or at and let’s hear your theories. In the meantime, if you like really freaky music in the background while you’re working check this soundtrack out. 



Check out the tunes above on my YouTube Music Playlist and Stay Tuned for more


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