Horror Curated: Haunted Holidays


Issue #1: Haunted Holidays

HCHHWinter2022CoverTelling haunted tales at Christmas is a tradition I was so excited to hear about a few years ago. After reading The Woman in Black and realizing that telling spooky tales was a “thing” that people actually used to look forward to during the holidays, I deep-dived into the history and just couldn’t get enough. These were
people after my own heart! 

You see, I fully support making your tree into the grim reaper, crafting a wreath out of skeleton bones, or peppering your mantle with cobweb-encrusted ivy. I love listening to creepy Christmas carols like the tracks from A Ghostly Gathering by Midnight Syndicate. I enjoy watching creepy Horror flicks like Crimson Peak during the holidays, just to see the red snow. 

So, if you’re like me, you are gonna just love what we’ve got lined up for you this issue. Read interviews with Horror professionals like Lynne Hansen, who makes spooky book covers for a living, Nikolette Jones, who does magical things with Horror ornaments, and the aforementioned Midnight Syndicate. Read some haunted holiday fiction from Cliff Biggers, make a gothic lantern, learn about five haunted places with holiday-themed names, and much more. 

On this, our inaugural edition, we welcome you and thank you for allowing us to Curate your Horror.

Emerian Rich, Editor-in-Chief

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