Horror Curated: Haunted Lantern


Issue #1: Haunted Holidays



Gather your supplies and learn how to make this Haunted Lantern in the new issue of Horror Curated!


o 4 / 5×7 black photo frames

o 1 / 7×7 black photo frame 

o White LED candle

o An empty 2.5 or 3-inch ribbon spool

o 3-4 inch unfinished round wood medallion

o e6000 glue

o Black acrylic paint

o Skull statuary

o Flowers, feathers, decorations as you like

o (Optional) puffy stickers for the top corners


o Glue gun

o Glue sticks, including red glitter glue sticks

o Pliers

o Wire Cutters

o Paintbrush

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